Paradyme Painting
Tonow Tokunaga
3451 Ambrosia Ave
Victoria, BC V8C 0K4
Foress Developments
2190 Navigators Rise
victoira, BC V8P 5G2
July 19, 2021
Estimate Number
Expiration Date
May 25, 2021
Estimate Total
  1. Task

    Interior and Exterior Painting on approx 3886 sq ft of new construction plus 811 total sq ft 4697 

    @ 900 Jasmine

Subtotal $21,606.20
Taxes $1,080.31
Total $22,686.51


WCB # 2004 89 269

GST # 793 725 540

Insurance Policy # LMFI1553



  • Walls when ready will be sealed with Hi – Hide drywall sealer on areas as needed.
  • The following areas will receive a primer coat and at least 2 top coats of the paint of my choice.
  • Ceilings ( flat ), Walls ( eggshell ), Trim and Doors ( semi – gloss ).Once


  • 3 Colors in total. 1 for the main wall color, 2 for the accent walls color and 3 for the trim and doors.
  • $250 per extra color / colors of if in a different sheen or paint product.
  • All walk in closets will have white ceilings and the according wall color.
  • All regular closets will be 1 color through out (ceilings will be in the wall paint).




  • All finished floors including concrete in the garage is to be covered at least 90 % by the general contractor.
  • All drywall in the entire house including the garage is to be ready at the same time before I begin sealing the house.
  • Areas to be swept and clean of all construction debris, sockets to be vacuumed out before sealer stage begins.
  • If the sealer is done in separate sections a $500 spilt fee will incur.
  • Once the ceilings are completed all pot lights and none hanging lighting under 6 inches are to be installed.


  • The house is to be swept and clean of any construction waste before we’re expected to commence work for the 2nd stage as well.
  • No other trades in the unit while our team is there.
  • Shelving in the closets to be installed after trim and walls are painted. An extra $100 to $500 per closet fee if installed before hand.
  • Toilets to be installed after trim and walls are completed. An extra $60 per toilet if installed before hand.
  • Power, sufficient heat and water to be provided by the GC.


  • If I do any work outside the above scope an hourly charge of $60 per hour plus materials will be charged out.
  • This includes cleaning up after other trades.
  • Once there is any furniture moved into the unit all work there after will be considered extra.
  • Job is completed in 2 phases
  • Anything there after will be considered extra if there is any trade damage and or additional trim or doors added after my second and final visit.




  • cover any windows or any areas with a potential to get any undesired paint coatings.
  • Exterior caulking completed by siders but we can do minor finishing touches.
  • Any hardy panels aluminum trim will also be prepped by the siders or we can do as an extra.
  • 3 colors only 2 for the body and 1 for the trim.  anything outside of this will be extra.
  • Any downspouts put up before painting will not be our responsibility if they incur any damage.



  • Stain grade wood, fiber glass gel stain
  • Soffits
  • exterior or interior handrails.
  • stair treads or risers
  • wainscotting, passthroughs, cabinets, shelving, crown moulding
  • adjacent buildings, sheds, etc.